Powder Coating Plants

ADARSH Super Extracta / ADARSH Gas - O- Matic™

ADARSH™ Powder Coating Equipment, Paint Booths with Super Extracta Cyclone & Ovens for Paint Baking.

A complete powder coating system w/o conveyor and manual operation.

Get latest technical and price details for 2022 models with latest technology and designs.


Paint Booth Cabin: Modular shape in octagonal configuration provide smooth uniform airflow in the paint booth thereby excellent ensuing recovery in conventional designs, most of over sprayed powder paint accumulates at the bottom of the paint booth, making it easy to clean in ADARSH Super Extracta ™ a fixed thorough of conical shape is provided. Due to the special design and configuration of powder in the thorough is prevented and can be quickly set for colour change. The system can be made semi-automatic with very low investment. Virtually no wastage of powder paint due to high power collection efficiency through Super Extracta Cyclone.

Some of our best-selling models back in 1980-1990's and are still serving our customers at 100% capacity.

ADARSH Conveyor type Powder Coating Booth X4L

ADARSH Gas-O-Matic™ LP Gas Fired Paint Baking Ovens (Side View)